Sunday, October 11, 2009

#8 Kissed

There are all kinds of kisses between men and women. Hollywood has influenced many young men about kissing. If you watch classic movies you will find most kissers have a very sterile technique. Two mouths meeting, no movement, no head squirming trying to dig deeper into the kiss.

I had this conversation in a L. A. jewelry store with a doctor recently returned from a trip to Egypt. This fellow romantic was bemoaning the lack of real kissing in the movies. I spoke up about the kissing scene in “Juan in a Million”. It was believable and a definite point of comparison. Even the animator of “Swan Princess” got it right. I saw the pre-release pencil sketch version of the kiss and it was definitely done from a perspective of experience.

I asked her if she was a fan of Jimmy Stewart movies. He is, in my opinion, one of the best screen kissers. I quite imagine any actress who was kissed by him went home still wearing the memory of that kiss long after the scene was finished.

The kiss of my life occurred one evening after a rendezvous on an expertly manicured baseball field. The grass was soft and still warm from the afternoon sun. He had pulled me to my feet and walked me to the parking lot hand in hand. It was the end of summer and the end of our opportunities to be together.

When we reached my car he spun me around and grabbed my face towards him, then pulling my arms around him he reached down and enveloped me in his arms to get me closer to him. He kissed me hard and long then broke away briefly looking in my eyes while stroking away my hair. Then he changed direction and kissed me again. This time my whole body shook. I started to cry as his kiss gripped my heart.

His kiss to me was a message of hope for the future. My kiss to him was a silent good-by.

The next day, unknown to him, I moved 2,100 miles away.

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