Saturday, October 3, 2009

#7 Scanties

With all of the topics in the world available to us, the conversation turned to my missing black lace panties.

He stated, with all the complete innocence a grown man could muster, that his barely ex girlfriend never owned any lingerie.

His point was not that she was deprived of silky, fine satin and lace underwear but that he felt they were not really a necessity - just a roadblock to the treasure.

Hadn’t he grown up in the culture of Playboy – matching bras and panties on every woman?

I told him that I knew lots of ladies who systematically matched their scanties in the hopes of admiring reviews from their ravishers.

Men who really shop for their wives, girlfriends and/or lovers buy two things – scanties and perfume. The reasoning is that when their women are not wearing one they are wearing the other. A reminder of him.

Then came the big question – Did I match?

Even though I was wearing just jeans and a sweater, why did I feel compelled to match if he was not going to get to see them?

Because I love scanties.

Beautiful ribbons of fabric on my body belying the impersonal impressions of the outer garments draped over me.

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