Sunday, October 11, 2009

#9 Dessert

He was in advertising. We met at a meeting of "Save (something)". I don't remember now what it was but it attracted the young professional crowd. I was wearing one of those breakaway business suits. The kind that covered everything but the jacket and skirt could fall off with the huffing and puffing of any near-by wolf.

He called me the next day and made arrangements for dinner the upcoming weekend.
I met him at his condo located in an upscale neighborhood near the Medical Center. Instead of going out to dinner he decided to cook in as his roomate was out of town for the weekend.

His place was very beautifully furnished. He gave me a quick tour showing me his bedroom last. Here he had arranged wishfully lit candles around the silk pillow filled bed.

In the kitchen, he went about organizing the meal. He opened a bottle of wine and poured me a glass. Instead of handing me the glass, he put it on the counter and turned to me. With one quick action he lifted me onto the counter saying that since I was dessert I needed to sit patiently until he could prep me. He gave me a quick preview kiss and handed me my glass of wine.

When he was done preparing dinner he set it on the table. He came and lifted me off of the counter. Taking me by the hand he led me to the...bathroom! Directing me to take off my clothes and put on the silk robe hanging on the back of the door for me. He stepped into his room and also came out in a silk robe. For this was not only dinner, it was an oriental themed dinner.

We sat down to eat. He was at the end of the dining room table and I was to his right. The candles, sake, dinner and possibility of dessert. It was very romantic.

The doorbell rang followed by loud pounding. Someone was very desperate to get in. He went to answer the door and returned to the dining room with a disheveled man carrying a gym bag. Introductions were made. It was my date's best friend. He had been kicked out of his house by his wife for some (he said unknown) reason and he was looking for a place to crash.

Seeing dinner on the table, he grabbed the chair opposite of me and sat down. My date sat down in his chair mouthing the words "I'm sorry" to me. The conversation was dominated by the intruder who somehow managed to devour food while ranting. At one point he stopped as if he was seeing his plate for the first time. Looking at my date he asked, "What's for dessert?". At this point I burst out laughing and kicked my date under the table - daring him to answer.

When dinner was over it finally dawned on the guest that his friend and I were wearing robes and he excused himself from the table. Grabbing his gym bag he headed down the hall and shut the door to the room with the beckoning candles.

I turned to the ad man as he threw his hands up in dispair. Laughing, I headed to the bathroom to get dressed. Dessert would have to wait for another day.

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